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Opening of the exhibition

"Les Roses de Maubert "

Calais painter of the nineteenth


7 août 2009

2009 marks the 130th anniversary of the death of painter botanist. Homage is rendered through a traveling exhibition.


The inauguration took place in the presence of descendants of the painter of the 19th century. They discovered the church in which their ancestor was baptized.
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Speech by Mr. Dominique DARRE - AMVPAC and descendants of Edouard Maubert. From left to right, Dominique Darré President AMVPAC, Mrs. Joëlle Lannoy Councillor,  Mr. Gerard Grenat, Deputy Mayor patrimony and tourism, Michelle Maudieu, Joelle Richard and Alain Richard.


   page3F Baptismaux

Beginning of the Exhibition, near to the baptismal font.

Gerard Grenat, Deputy Mayor and patrimony tourism, with one descendants, front of the works of painter Edouard Maubert.






Roses speak for themselves. Listen to them ...